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Body-positive sex education for adults

THOT is an acronym for "That Hoe Over There," aimed at sexually liberated, confident women who are true to themselves.

Orgasms are not a bad thing, science proves that everyone could benefit from having more of them! FFT will reclaim derogatory terms like THOT and hoe and prove that sexual liberation and anatomically conscious sexual education would help everyone be true to themselves.

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Food For THOT: The Podcast

Join us in exploring the physical, psychological, scientific, political and historical aspects of  human sexuality. Gain expert advice on improving self-confidence, relationships, and of course — your sex life.


Stigma Sucks; This Is A Safe Place

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A little #selfcare goes a long way 🙏🏼
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Laureen Horan


Laureen is a journalist, activist, artist and advocate. After facing years of sexual repression and watching those around her experience the same thing, Laureen decided to combine her skills as a journalist with her passion for unifying people, thus creating Food For THOT as a safe place for intellectual, candid discussions.



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